18th Darlington (1st Middleton St George) Scout Group Message

Message from the Group Secretary 18th Darlington (1st Middleton St George) Scout Group

As you may be aware the above Scout Group is in the process of trying to secure funding to enable them to build a new scout hut in Middleton St George.
We believe that there is a need in the village for this building as it could potentially provide facilities not only for the Group but also for the wider community.
With this in mind, it would be appreciated if you could please support our applications by requesting that as many people as possible complete the following survey as this would give us an indication of what other activities the building could be used for:
If you are unable to open the above link then please find below a copy of the questions asked and the reason for the survey:
We are hoping to re-build a new Scout hut on our old site in Neasham Rd. To do this we need your help to demonstrate a desire for the building from current, past and potential users of our Scout facility to funders. Please could you complete this short survey , many thanks 18th Darlington Committee.
Are you a current member of 18th Darlington (1st Middleton St George) Scouts?
o   ( ) 1 Yes
o   ( ) 2 No
If no please go to question 3. Please tick which best describes you?
o   ( ) 1 Scout
o   ( ) 2 Cub
o   ( ) 3 Beaver
o   ( ) 4 Leader/ Assistant Leader
o   ( ) 5 Trustee
If you are not a Scout member, please could you tick which best describes you?
o   ( ) 1 Community Member
o   ( ) 2 Parent/ Guardian
o   ( ) 3 Community Business/ Charity
o   ( ) 4 Other
Do you think re-building the hut is a good idea?
o   ( ) 1 Yes
o   ( ) 2 No
o   ( ) 3 Unsure
If the new hut was built would you like to attend any of groups/ activities below?
o   ( ) 1 Any Scout sessions
o   ( ) 2 Social Evenings
o   ( ) 3 Exercise Classes
o   ( ) 4 Mum and Toddler Group
o   ( ) 5 Coffee Mornings
o   ( ) 6 Flower/ Craft Clubs
o   ( ) 7 Employment Support/ Training Courses
o   ( ) 8 Child Minding Club
o   ( ) 9 Book Club
Please tell us if you would like anything else delivered from the new hut?
Please could you disclose your gender?
o   ( ) Female
o   ( ) Male
o   ( ) Prefer not to say
o   ( ) Other:
Please could you disclose your age range?
o   ( ) 1 18 or younger
o   ( ) 2 19 to 29 years
o   ( ) 3 30 to 44 years
o   ( ) 4 45 to 60 years
o   ( ) 5 61 years and older
o   ( ) 6 Prefer not to say
I hope that you will be able to support/help us with this project but should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact me.
Ros Micklethwaite
Group Secretary
18th Darlington (1st Middleton St George) Scout Group