A Sculpture for Middleton One Row

An Interpretive sculpture has been installed at Middleton One Row, as part of the Tees Sculpture Trail.








The sculpture trail plaque will be installed separately, and will include the url link for the website so people can find out more.

The trail will not be officially launched until all 25 pieces are in along the length of the Tees, in the New Year.

“Focusing on landscape and heritage sites linked to the Teesdale Way and a series of Heritage Trails identified through the programme, onsite interpretative pieces will enable visitors to sites to find out more about the areas that they are visiting and the stories surrounding them”.

Pat Walls, the sculptor of the Middleton One Row piece (seen in the middle of the photo in blue), gave a preview in the form of drawings and maquettes, at the Community Centre Open Day on 25th January 2020.

At the Event in January, the Sculptor Pat Walls:

  • explained the creative themes and thinking during the making of the piece as well as demonstrated the techniques involved in creating the art work
  • invited children (and adults if they wished) to participate in designing a feature for the bas relief detail for the plinth

Check out Pat Walls’ website:  www.patrickwalls.com

He is also on Instagram @patwalls_sculpture

Find out more about the Tees Sculpture Trail by clicking on this link: