Annual Parish Council Meeting. Chairman’s Report and Appointments for 2019-20

The Chairman gave her annual report on the work of the Parish Council over the last 12 months to the Annual Parish Council Meeting on the 13th May, 2019.   The Chairman’s report can be found here Chairman’s Annual Report 2018-19

The following appointments were made at the Annual Parish Council Meeting for 2019-20:

Chairman of the Parish Council:           Councillors Catherine Gilsenan
Vice Chairman of the Parish Council:   Councillor Stuart Crowther.


Finance:                                            Councillor Maggie Beadle
Auditors:                                           Councillors Alan Blacklee and Les Foggett
Planning and NDP:                           Councillor Catherine Gilsenan. The members of the NDP Working Group are unchanged.
Parks, Grounds and Allotments:       Councillor Les Foggett
Policies and Procedures:                  Councillor Catherine Gilsenan
Speed Monitoring:                            Councillor Les Foggett with the assistance of Councillor Stephen I’Anson
Northumbria in Bloom:                      Councillor Hazel Bullock
The Front Heritage Views Project:    Councillor Maggie Beadle with the assistance of Councillor Hazel Bullock
Health and Safety:                            Councillor Stuart Crowther
Fire Safety:                                       Councillor Alan Blacklee
Defibrillator:                                      Councillor Alan Blacklee


Personnel Committee:                     Councillor Catherine Gilsenan
                                                        Councillor Stuart Crowther
                                                        Councillor Maggie Beadle

Personnel Appeals Committee:      The remainder of the Parish Council.

Outside Bodies:

County Durham Association of Local Councils:             Councillor Catherine Gilsenan
Darlington Association of Parish Councils:                    Councillor Catherine Gilsenan
Durham Tees Valley Airport Consultative Committee:  Councillor Stuart Crowther
Friends of The Whinnies:                                               Councillor Maggie Beadle
CPRE:                                                                            Councillor Catherine Gilsenan or Clerk. Parish Councillors can attend meetings.
PACT:                                                                            Councillor Maggie Beadle.