Clearance Work on the South Facing Bank Side Work in the Water Park – A Statement from the Parish Council

Dear Residents,
The Parish Council appreciates that there is still a great level of concern about the recent work to clear the south-facing reservoir banks.  We wish to apologise for our communication of these works.  We should have made clear in advance what the works entailed and how the Water Park would look once they were completed. The Parish Council also regrets the distress felt by the distress felt by the lack of notice to the village of the proposed clearance.


However, a fuller explanation will follow at the next Parish Council meeting on 12th April.

An update on investigating and fact-finding was provided at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 8th March.
There are currently a lot of misunderstandings based on misinformation and communications of one sort of another pulled out of context, thereby causing a lot of confusion.
Please be assured that all evidence-based facts regarding this matter will be provided in a comprehensive report by the Parish Council meeting of 12th April.  This report will provide those facts within their full context.
So, answers will be forthcoming, as promised.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.
Cllr Catherine Gilsenan
Chair, Middleton St George Parish Council