Further Incidents in the Water Park

The Parish Council have been informed of the following incidents in the Water Park.

There have been a number of incidents of anti social behaviour near the ponds with members of the public being verbally abused, incidents of littering and the stoning of the swans in pond 1. A large number of cars recently parked next to the Model Boat Club building in the Park, the occupants began swimming in the ponds and dumped their rubbish in the Park,
These incidents have been reported to the police and the CCTV systems in the Water Park are being interrogated to identify the people who have been responsible for these incidents.
Will all users of the Water Park please report incidents of this nature as soon as possible to the police on 101. 
The verbal abuse of members of the public and the stoning of the swans in pond 1 are particularly shocking.  These incidents demonstrate clearly that some people have no respect for other people and for the wildlife in the Water Park. The stoning follows on from the terrible incident recently when a signet was killed in the Water Park.  
The Parish Council would also like to remind all users of the Water Park that NO SWIMMING MUST TAKE PLACE IN ANY OF THE THREE PONDS and PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME and not discard it in the Park for others to clean up.