Help needed with Designating Green Spaces in the Parish

The Parish Council has been asked by Darlington Borough Council to designate Green Spaces within the context of the Borough Council’s Local Plan.

The Parish Council submitted a list to the Borough Council by their deadline of 21st March 2018 which can be found here List of Proposed Designated Green__ Spaces March 2018 – Final sent to DBC. However, the Parish Council has now been asked to submit supporting evidence to the Borough Council.

The Parish Council is therefore asking for your assistance in providing such supporting evidence. Please could you email this as soon as possible to the Parish Clerk ( with a copy to Cllr Catherine Gilsenan, Chair of the Parish Council Planning Committee (  

The Planning Committee will be considering this at its next meeting on 11th April, so we would  please ask you to provide any information before then.

A list of criteria for the green spaces, as well as a list of possible suggested resources for obtaining evidence (not exhaustive, as there may be other sources of information) are given below.  We must provide strong reasons why a particular area should be designated (criteria) before it is submitted to DBC.

Many Thanks.


 (We must ensure that the designated green spaces must meet all of the criteria under 1, and at least one of the criteria under 2)

1.   Land must meet all the following criteria:

  • Demonstrably special to local community
  • Reasonable close proximity to the community serves
  • Local in character
  • Not an extensive tract of land
  • Not an area with extant planning permission within which the Local Green Space could not be accommodated 

2.   Land must hold particular local significance for at least one of the following reasons:

  • Beauty
  • Historic Significance
  • Recreational value
  • Tranquillity
  • Wildlife
  • Other reasons. 

3.   Designating land as Local Green Space should:

  • be consistent with local planning of sustainable development
  • complement investment in sufficient homes, jobs and other essential services 

Designation Form

The Designation Form asks certain questions and requires supporting evidence, e.g.:


  • How does the site relate to/connect with the local area (physically, visually and socially)?
  • Does the site bring interest from further afield (e.g. mentioned in tourist brochures, paintings or poems)?
  • Are there any historic features on the site (e.g. old hedgerows, ancient trees, listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments, historic ponds, historic garden features)?


  • Middleton One Row Conservation Appraisal 2010
  • Books (there are at least two books on Middleton St George)
  • Historic Photos
  • Information on the Parish Council website (History of Middleton St George)
  • Personal testimonies (and photos if you have any)