Heritage on Track – Great Places Project – Help Needed

The Heritage on Track – Great Places Project Community Project Manager has given an update on the Heritage on Track Great Places project they are running in; Northgate, Red Hall and Middleton St George using the old train track from the Stockton and Darlington Railway to form a physical connection between the three areas.

So far through the project the team have involved local school children and members of the community to select an artist who will work with those three areas to explore the local cultural heritage of the railway, increase awareness of its history and to create a legacy for the project.  

This selection took place in August and the successful artist, Locomotive Rhythm, has been involved in a number of community events since including the Red Hall Fun Run to Music and the 193rd Birthday Celebration of the Stockton & Darlington Railway at the Head of Steam Museum in September.

The Project is moving into the next phase to run workshops in local schools and inviting residents from the community to take part in events to explore this local heritage and be a part of creating a legacy for the project.  As this phase of the project progresses the Team will update the Parish Council and the community periodically with dates and information of sessions which people may be interested in taking part in.

The Project Manager has asked for knowledge of groups or individuals which might be useful for the Project Team to contact and get involved.  The Project Manager is very keen to engage with members of the local community and hope that by utilising knowledge of the local area to enable them to reach as many residents as possible.

If you would like to take part in the Project or have knowledge of people of groups who may be able to help the team will you please contact Alan Macnab, Clerk to the Parish Council by email msgclerk@aol.com or by contacting Helen Towes  the Project Manager on 01642 815663 or email helen.towes@groundwork.org.uk .

Thank you,