Middleton St. George Parish Council By-Election – Thursday, 3rd May 2018

On Friday, 16th February 2018, a Notice of Vacancy was published and displayed on behalf of Middleton St. George Parish Council. The Notice advised that one vacancy existed in the office of Parish Councillor on Middleton St. George Parish Council. 

Rule 5 (2) of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006 allows ten electors for a Parish in which the casual vacancies exist to request the Returning Officer to hold an election to fill those vacancies. That request must be made in writing within fourteen working days of the date of notice. 

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, the Returning Officer received a request to hold an election to fill the vacancies accordingly.

The ‘Notice of Election’ was published yesterday, and can be found on the Parish Council’s website at the link below.

Notice of Election MSG 2018