Middleton St. George Parish Council – Notice of Uncontested Parish Council Election – 2nd May 2019

The Parish Council has been informed tonight that there will not be a contested election for the Parish Council on the 2nd May, 2019.  The Notice of the Uncontested Parish Council Election can be found here together with the names of the seven Parish Councillors who have been elected Notice of Uncontested Election

Seven Parish Councillors have been elected to serve on the Parish Council for a four year period from 0001 on Monday 6th May, 2019.

The filling of the three vacancies will be a matter for the new Parish Council which comes into existence on Monday 6th May,2019. Section 21 of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1985 states that “where there are insufficient candidates validly nominated at an ordinary election to fill the vacancies on the Council (those who have been validly nominated are automatically elected as Councillors. Provided that those elected constitute a quorum (three or one third of the total number of Councillors, whichever is the greater) the Council (e.g. those elected unopposed) may co-opt any person or persons to fill the vacancies, If the power of co-option is not exercised within 35 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public or bank holidays, thanksgiving days and days of public mourning) the Principal Authority may exercise its powers to hold a further election or take other appropriate action to fill the vacancies.”