Neighbourhood Development Plan. Consultation on the Draft Vision and Objectives

Dear Resident,

The Parish Council would like your views on the Draft Vision and Objectives for the new Neighbourhood Plan.

Prior to the boundary changes in 2016 the former MSG Parish Council prepared a draft neighbourhood plan. As a result of the change in the parish boundary we have needed to review the previous work to ensure a new plan both reflects the new parish boundary as well as changes in planning policy. The engagement and evidence work that was previously undertaken will inform the preparation of the new neighbourhood plan.

The previous work and feedback from the local community has helped us to develop a draft vision and objectives for your neighbourhood plan.

We need your feedback to ensure that the neighbourhood plan reflects your views.

We have produced a leaflet which contains the draft vision and objectives and also provides information on the types of planning issues the plan could look to address.

You can find the leaflet here Middleton St. George Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Leaflet

You can submit comments in the following ways:

  • By completing the form on the back of this leaflet and sending it to us at: Middleton St George Parish Council, 5 Whitebridge Drive, Darlington, DL1 3TY;
  • Online by completing the survey on the parish council website:

(You can access the simple Survey Monkey here:;


  • By emailing your comments to:

Your feedback will be used to help inform the preparation of a Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

We therefore need your views on the Draft Vision and Objectives by 31 MAY 2019.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the email address below.

Many thanks,


Cllr Catherine Gilsenan

Chairman, Middleton St George Parish Council