Register of Interests

Catherine Joy Gilsenan –  Register of Interests

John Stuart Crowther- Register of Interests

Margaret Beadle – Register of Interests

Michael Robertson – Register of Interests

Thomas Leslie Foggett – Register of Interests

Neil Scott Embleton – Register of Interests

Alan Blacklee – Register of Interests

Hazel Bullock – Register of Interests

Rodger Sansom – Register of Interests

Contact Details


Councillor Catherine Gilsenan.   Chairman of the Parish Council.  

Address:       55, Woodlands Green, Middleton St. George, DL2 1EE.

Telephone:   01325 332572


Councillor Maggie Beadle.   Northumbria in Bloom Representative.

Address:      1, The Greenway, Middleton St. George, DL2 1 EB.

Telephone:   01325 332442


Councillor Stuart Crowther.   Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and Health and Safety Representative

Address:      10, Middleton Lane, Middleton St. George, DL2 1AA

Telephone:   01325 332628


Councillor Neil Embleton

Address:       40, Middleton Lane, Middleton St. George, DL2 1AL

Telephone:   01325 332198


Councillor Les Foggett

Address:      20, Stanstead Grove, Middleton St. George, DL2 1UU.

Telephone:  07974 080738


Councillor Michael Robertson. DTV Airport Representative

Address:      34, St. George’s Gate, Middleton St. George, DL2 1FE.

Telephone:   01325 335088


Councillor Alan Blacklee

Address:      10a Harpers Tce, Middleton St. George DL2 1JR

Telephone:   01325 333589


Councillor Hazel Bullock,

Address:       7, Hunter’s Green, Middleton St. George, DL2 1DZ.


Councillor Rodger Sansom,

Address:      1, Grendon Gardens, Middleton St. George, DL2 1HS.

Telephone: 01325 401850



Alan Macnab  Clerk to the Parish Council

Address:       5, Whitebridge Drive, Darlington, DL1 3TY

Telephone:    01325 482015