Play Area Closure

The Parish Council has been notified that a small number of parents and children are climbing over the low fence and using the play equipment whilst it is closed

Advice has been received from the insurers that anyone entering the play area whilst it is closed are trespassing and if they suffer an illness or an injury which can be attributed to using the play equipment the Parish Council will not be held liable.  The insurers have also advised that all incidents of entering and using the play equipment whilst the play area is closed should be reported to the police.

The Parish Council are appealing to parents, children and young people not to climb over the fence and enter the play area whilst it is closed.  

If residents observe anyone climbing over, entering the play area and using the play equipment will they please report it to the police on 101.

The Parish Council regrets that the play area has to remain closed until the repairs have been carried out to the play equipment to ensure that the equipment is safe for use.