Reports of Incidents in the Water Park and the Response to be made

There have been a number of incidents in the Water Park recently.  The incidents were:

1.   On Friday 12th April a swan was nearly killed when a dog which was not on a lead cased the swan around the pond for 45 minutes.  The dog dived into one of the ponds and nearly drowned.  The Parish Council has made it a rule that dogs must be kept on a lead in the Water Park at all times. 

2.  Also on the 12th April young people assembled in the field next to the Water Park and were blowing up aerosol cans. The person has also reported that the young people were there on the 13th April blowing up aerosol cans in the same field.  

3.  A report was made by a resident that a tree was deliberately set on fire at the end of the nature trail beyond the ponds in the Water Park. 

4.   A warning sign ‘Deep Water’ and pole which two Parish Councillors erected recently at the entrance to pond 1 opposite the Community Centre in the Water Park has been deliberately torn down.

The Parish Council wish to make it clear that all dogs must be kept on a lead when they are in the Water Park.  The Police have responded that it is not possible for them to enforce the by law but have asked that all reports of dogs in the Water Park which are not on leads should be reported to Darlington Borough Council’s Civic Enforcement Team at Gladstone Street, Darlington on 01325 406999 (office number) or 07384 243880 (duty officer mobile number). Email

In terms of the other incidents of blowing up aerosol cans, lighting fires and vandalising and removing safety signs in the Water Park, the Police have advised that incidents should be reported to them via 101 or 999 in a first place and then an officer would be allocated to investigate said issue. Ideally that needs to be done immediately the incidents are observed. 

The local PCSO will be carrying out extra patrols around the Water Park and will inform his colleagues of this also for them to attend and make sure everything is in order. 

To emphasise again, the local PCSO needs persons to start reporting those ongoing issues via 101 or 999 as otherwise he will not know that the incidents are taking place.