Water Park Gates Open Again

At the start of lockdown (due to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency) we locked the Gates to the Water Park to vehicles used by the general public.  We have now re-opened them to other vehicles.

However, the Parish Council would like to remind members of the public:

1.      To only use cars if absolutely necessary, and park responsibly in the allotted parking spaces (please report any instances of irresponsible parking)

2.      To Maintain Social Distancing and Respect all the other Government Guidance during the current period

3.      To remember that the park is for the enjoyment of nature and tranquillity.  Please report any instances of     disturbance to wildlife.

4.      To keep dogs on a short lead, and under control, at all times in the Water Park (which is a dog control area)

5.      Swimming in the reservoir ponds is not permitted (for safety reasons)

6.     Angling only on Ponds 2 and 3 (members only – membership from Wally’s Angling Club).
No fishing permitted on Pond 1 (which is leased by Darlington and District Model Boat Club)

7.      To report any incidences of anti-social behaviour or other possible offences to the Police (Tel. 101), Civic Enforcement Team on Tel. 01325 406999

8.      In case of emergencies Tel. 999

9.      To contact the Parish Council: msgclerk@aol.com, Tel. 07722 705 008

Please note that the Playground and the MUGA (multi-use games area) will still remain closed until further notice

Thank you for your continuing cooperation