Water Park South Facing Bank Side Clearance Work. Reports for the information of Residents

The Parish Council met last night and approved the following documents which explains to residents of Middleton St. George the reasons for the clearance work on the south bank side  of the three ponds in the Water Park, will give a better understanding of why the work was necessary and answers the questions which have been submitted to the Parish Council by residents..  The documents have been produced as a result of five Water Park Working Group meetings on the 22nd February, 1st March, 22nd March, 29th March and the 7th April, 2021.

The documents give the timeline from seeking quotations from arborist companies through to the acceptance of the successful quotation to the carrying out of the clearance work 

The documents are as follows and can be found by clicking on the link to each document

1.     A summary of the reasons for the work.  Water Park Clearance Work A summary of the reasons for the work

2.    An Executive Summary Report.  Executive Summary Report

3.    The Full Detailed Report.  Full Detailed Report. Clearance of South Facing Banks

The Reservoir Engineer’s Report can be found in the Documents page of this website, 

If residents have any further questions will they please send them to the Clerk to the Parish Council by emailing him on msgclerk@aol.com