Fighting Cocks Heritage Hub Update

Dear Residents

Just to update you on what has been happening at the Fighting Cocks Heritage Hub

The Parish Council (via its Stockton & Darlington Heritage Steering Group) is continuing to work with the Friends of Stockton & Darlington Railway and the MSG community regarding the various projects around the Fighting Cocks Heritage Hub (FCHH).

(The recent Guide on the FCHH can be found here:   Fighting Cocks Heritage Hub Guide

The Friends of Stockton & Darlington Railway have been supervising groundwork around the Hub.  Tidy ups have been organised by Peter Bainbridge.  There have been two sessions so far, one in March, and one in April.  The aim is to continue with these on a monthly basis.  Peter has been joined by 11 volunteers, but if anyone else would like to help out, they would be most welcome to get in touch with Peter.

Certain work around this area is very sensitive owing to its archaeological importance, and therefore needs to be carefully supervised

The Friends of S&DR are applying for a grant to cover the cost of an archaeological survey of the Waiting Shed, and therefore it is not possible to uncover any more of the Waiting Shed at this point in time.  Once the survey has been completed, a further grant application will be submitted to cover the cost of rebuilding the Waiting Shed.  This will all need to be coordinated with Darlington Borough Council and the appropriate heritage experts.

There are two other issues that Peter would like your help on:

1.  Someone has recently planted some young trees right by the Waiting Shed Wall.  Although this has been spotted, and they have been removed, such planting compromises the archeology.  Does anyone know who planted them?  Any such planting strongly advised against.

2.  Over the years, a lot of the bricks and stone floor slabs from the Waiting Shed have gradually disappeared, probably to nearby allotments for use as paths, walls, etc. or have found themselves in other parts of the village.  Could we ask that, if anyone has any of these items, or knows about their whereabouts, could they please contact Peter so that these items can be returned for use in the rebuild?

Please contact Peter with regard to any of the above matters.

Peter Bainbridge –

Many thanks,

Cllr Catherine Gilsenan

Chairman Middleton St George Parish Council