13th November, 2018.

Dear Residents,

Further to our previous notification of the vacancy for one Parish Councillor, the mandatory period allowed for residents to request an election has expired. As a result the Parish Council may now directly co-opt for a replacement councillor.

Should you wish to offer your services as a Parish Councillor, please submit your application either in writing or by e-mail to the Parish Clerk, Alan Macnab, 5, Whitebridge Drive, Darlington DL1 3TY. Email by FRIDAY 7TH DECEMBER, 2018.

It would assist the council if you could supply a brief of your motivation, skills and experience to support your application.

Some of the skills and qualities that would be useful to the role include problem-solving and analytical skills, assessing objectively, having ideas, commitment, “keeping going” skills, and teamwork skills.

The Parish Council has two meetings per month. One of the Key Objectives of the Parish Council is to promote and represent the best interests of the village for the betterment of the local community. The main responsibilities of the role of Parish Councillor is to participate in the collective decision making processes of the Parish Council, to effectively represent the interests of the Parish, and actively and constructively contribute to the good governance of the Council in order to better serve the Parish.
In addition to preparing for, and attending meetings, Parish Councillors also have the opportunity to work on specific issues that are of concern to the community.

The Parish Council will consider applications at the Parish Council meeting scheduled for the 10th December 2018, where a decision will be made

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Catherine Gilsenan