Bonfire Night – Additional Public Messages



This year, Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service are asking members of the public not to have a bonfire in their gardens. These fires cause nuisance to neighbours and can often spread to buildings, sheds and cause injury to people. You can help us reduce this by storing your rubbish securely so that it can’t be taken and used as fuel on a bonfire. If you suspect a bonfire, report it


On the lead up to bonfire night its control room and crews see a huge increase in the number of incidents involving illegal bonfires if you suspect an illegal bonfire you can report it here



Many people and animals find fireworks scary, respect your neighbours, if you are having a home display let your neighbours know so they can be prepared.

This bonfire night, make sure your pets feel safe indoors, make a fuss of them with cuddles, put music on low to reduce the effects of sudden loud bangs, place dog beds under tables and cover with a duvet or blanket to reduce noise, feed them 30 minutes earlier and add their favourite treats. 

Its Fire Dog Woodie is extremely brave and works in fire scenes but even he can be distressed by loud explosions outside during bonfire night. Think about the effect on your pets when buying your fireworks.




Sparklers are fun but they can also be dangerous if not handled responsibly. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions, make sure you are wearing gloves and have a bucket of water at the ready to pop your used sparklers into.

Firework Code

Fireworks although pretty are explosives and can injure and maim if mishandled. The Fire Service wants everyone to enjoy bonfire night safely. If you are having a home display, please be responsible and follow the firework code to keep everyone safe.

Buy Legal_Buy Safe OR Show Respect

If you are having a home fireworks display, the first step to enjoying a safe bonfire night all starts with ensuring you have purchased fireworks from a licensed, legitimate seller! Buying cheap fireworks form some guy in a van is irresponsible and just plain dangerous! #BuyLegalBuySafe


Fireworks should only be handled by a responsible adult, in the wrong hands they can cause serious and life changing injuries. Enjoy bonfire night but be safe, be sensible and remember to follow the Firework code