Further help needed with designating Green Spaces

In April this year the Parish Council asked residents to help to nominate green spaces for inclusion in the Borough Council’s Local Plan.  Nominations were made and were forwarded to the Borough Council.

The following green areas have been designated by the Borough Council in the Draft Local Plan which is currently subject to public consultation.  

The Water Park

The Playing Field and Play Area

Almora Hall Field

Green wedge at Middleton Lane.

The Parish Council are drawing up applications for The Front at Middleton One Row and the green area in Haxby Road to be designated but there are other green areas which should be considered for designation.

The Parish Council is therefore asking for your assistance to nominate the green areas which you think should be designated. It would also be helpful if you could provide supporting evidence for any nomination you make.  Please could you email this as soon as possible to the Parish Clerk, Alan Macnab (msgclerk@aol.com) with a copy to Cllr Catherine Gilsenan, Chairman of the Parish Council (catherine.gilsenan@yahoo.com).  A guide to providing supporting evidence is given on the application form which can be found here Designated Green Space Application Form

If you can send your nominations and/or completed Designated Green Spaces Application to the Parish Clerk, Alan Macnab (msgclerk@aol.com) by the 31st July, 2018 that would be very helpful.  Thank you.