Land to the Rear of High Stell

Residents will recall that planning permission was granted for a housing development to the rear of High Stell by Darlington Borough Council’s Planning Applications Committee on the 14th March, 2018.  The Parish Council has been pursuing the following issues relating to the planning permission:

1.   The Public Rights of Way Diversion/Extinguishment Order.  The Parish Council has asked when the Order will be made and submitted to the Parish Council.

2.   The Traffic Management Plan states that “all vehicles will approach site via the A66/A67 down Station Road and through the Greenway and Grendon Gardens larger vehicles will be guided down the Greenway and Grendon Gardens by means of a banksman.”  The Parish Council asked the Planners if  this meant that there will be only one access and exit from the site during construction and only one access and exit when the site is built and occupied by residents. 

3.   Confirmation that the following will be submitted to and approved by the Borough Council before any work is allowed to start on the site:

a.   the Construction Management Plan which will be submitted to the Planning Applications Committee when it is received as was agreed by that Committee when the application was approved; and 

b.   the archaeological/geophysical survey of the site.

The following information was received yesterday from Darlington Borough Council giving an update on these issues:

1.   A copy of the Traffic Management Plan which states the developers’ proposals in relation to site access amongst other things and a copy of their Compliance Statement. The Traffic Management Plan can be viewed here Traffic Management Plan and the Compliance Statement can be viewed here Planning Compliance Statement  These have to be approved by the Planning Committee before work can start.  The Committee require 2 accesses to be available for construction traffic and new residents of the development, and will not be likely to accede to a single access off Grendon Gardens.

2.   The public footpath crossing the site will need to be diverted before work can commence over it. There is a formal (non planning) procedure to divert the path which can take a considerable time to complete if local residents object. This will be instigated by the developers.

3.  The archaeology condition has not been discharged as yet and no application has been submitted.