New Housing Proposals Received – Land to the West of The Greenway

The Parish Council received this morning the following proposals for residential development on land to the west of The Greenway from Gladman Developments Limited.

The proposals are as follows:

160 dwellings with a mix of property sizes, including 20% affordable housing for local people allowing for a range of homes for older residents and growing families.

A single priority controlled junction of The Greenway with pedestrian access.

Improved footpath routes connecting to the wider countryside.

A new sustainable drainage solution to manage surface water run off.

New publicly accessible greens pace in the form of open space and a children’s play area within the proposed housing area.

The leaflet produced by Gladman Developments can be found here Gladman Development Proposals Land to West of The Greenway 07.02.2019 Leaflet.

In addition to the leaflet, Gladman Developments have a dedicated website containing further information at greenway