Play Area and MUGA to remain closed

The Government has announced that all children’s play areas and outdoor gyms in England will be allowed to open on the 4th July and has issued guidance to ensure that they can be reopened and managed effectively to enable their use while minimising the transmission risk of COVID-19. It is important that the play area and the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in the Water Park are suitably safe for use and have an effective inspection and maintenance regime in place prior to opening.

The Parish Council have asked Darlington Borough Council to carry out the annual safety inspection of the play area and the MUGA and both will not re-open until the inspection reports have been received and any remedial actions have been carried out.

Children, young people and parents must not interfere with the play area and the MUGA closure measures. If it is closed then this will be for a good reason. Do not endanger yourself by breaching the closure measures. Please wait until the play area and the MUGA have been opened properly.

The Parish Council will advise residents when the Play Area and the MUGA will be opened and the measures to minimise the transmission risk of COVID-19.