Polling District, Polling Place and Polling Station Review 2018 – Consultation

Under Section 16 of the Electoral Administration Act 2006, Darlington Borough Council is required to undertake a complete review of all Polling Districts and Polling Places. As the last review in Darlington was completed in 2014, a review is now due, and is taking place in advance of the Local (Borough) Elections in May 2019.

The review formally commenced on Monday, 1st October 2018, which was the earliest date legislation permitted, and the Borough Council are inviting views on its proposed Polling Districts and Polling Places from community groups, organisations, head teachers, elected representatives, stakeholders, and any person or body with expertise in access for persons with any type of disability. We also encouraged anyone entitled to vote in Darlington to make representations, advise us of any issues with current Polling Places, and provide suggestions for alternative venues which may fit the criteria required. When deciding which buildings to use as Polling Places, the Council strives to ensure that they are located as conveniently as possible within the Polling District, and that they are accessible to everyone, particularly anyone who is disabled. The initial round of consultation ceased on Sunday, 14th October 2018, and further recommendations have been formulated based upon the representations received, and Polling Place inspection reports.

A further round of consultation on the draft recommendations commences today (Monday, 22nd October 2018), and ceases on Sunday, 4th November 2018, before the final proposals are drafted for consideration by the Council at their meeting on Thursday, 29th November 2018. Details on our proposed Polling Districts and Polling Places can be found at https://www.darlington.gov.uk/your-council/democracy/elections-and-electoral-registration/polling-districts-polling-places-and-polling-stations-review-2018/

Representations can be made in writing to The Returning Officer, Elections Team, Democratic Services, Darlington Borough Council. Town Hall, Feethams, Darlington, DL1 5QT., or via e-mail to elections@darlington.gov.uk. In accordance with the Polling Districts and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006, all correspondence received will be reproduced on the Council’s website.