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The Parish Council is committed to maintaining Middleton St George as a separate village with an active life of its own and working to improve the quality of life for parishioners.


Key Objectives

  • To engage, whenever possible, in an open dialogue with residents, to understand their needs, and to explain how the Council will address these needs within the resources and powers available.
  • To understand the issues and aspirations of residents and promote these ideals for the future.
  • To facilitate greater parishioner engagement in parish matters.
  • To enable, assist and encourage other local organisations and agencies to provide services.
  • To promote and represent the best interests of the village for the betterment of the local community.
  • To encourage and promote social and community values in the village by working in co-operation and supporting, where practicable, local organisations and groups.
  • To embrace progress, improve the quality of life and support healthy living.
  • To improve the management and governance of the Parish Council.